Latest Hikes Look Back

Looking back to November and December 2019 hikes as Minnesota Winter sets in.

National Take A Hike Day : New Trail, New Friends

When National Take A Hike Day came along, I knew that I wanted to share a hike with some of the wonderful Women Who Hike (WWH) ladies of Minnesota. An informal meet up hike would be just the ticket. And picking the location? Well that was made easy.

National Public Lands Day : September 28, 2019

National Public Lands Day (NPLD) is the largest single-day volunteer effort for America’s public lands. Each year, hundreds of thousands of volunteers come together on the fourth Saturday in September to assist with various projects designed to restore and enhance public parks, forests, waterways and more.

Deciding What Trail to Take

I needed to get outside. A beautiful day lay ahead. But I wasn’t in my usual mode of being willing to travel an hour or so to get to hike. I have some go-to parks within a 30 minute drive. Nearly every one is west of my house. I wasn't in the mood. I needed something new, something different.