Big Adventure : Road Trip West Pt. 2

I continued to take in the shifting landscape, now filled with mountain peaks in the distance and ranches along the highway.

5 Years of Adventures : A Reflection

A Moment of Reflection It's been five years of telling my adventure stories. When I wonder where all that time went all I have to do is look back through all the photos to remember. I'm grateful to those who have found something in reading my perspectives on what adventure means to me. To think … Continue reading 5 Years of Adventures : A Reflection

Summer Adventure : Golden Hour

#27 of my 2022 52 Hike Challenge Trail/Park: Pike Island Loop, Fort Snelling State Park, St. Paul, MN This hike took place on the traditional territory of the Wahpekute and Očhéthi Šakówiŋ. The Dakota called this place Ha-Ha Mdo-Te which translates to "junction of two rivers." I respect the histories, languages and cultures of these peoples, whose … Continue reading Summer Adventure : Golden Hour

Gear in Review: Shefly Hiking Pants

I've been waiting for three years to get a pair of Shefly pants. Back in 2019 I'd seen a kickstarter for this small brand, women owned. A friend got in on the original kickstarter. When I asked her about them she raved with joy. At the time the cost of the pants held me back. … Continue reading Gear in Review: Shefly Hiking Pants

Gear in Review: Chickfly Pants

Joining the hiking community has been an education in gear and clothing. Considering not just what one carries on adventure, but also what folks wear to be safe, warm, dry and practical has been a journey for me. Pants have been the one piece of gear that I've struggled with. Why? Well at some point … Continue reading Gear in Review: Chickfly Pants