Summer Adventure : Short & Sweet

The Tree Line Trail at Fort Harrison State Park #23hike of my 2022 52 Hike Challenge Trail/Park: Tree Line Trail, Fort Harrison State Park, Lawrence, IN This hike took place on the traditional territory of the Myaamia, Kaskaskia, and Kiikaapoi (Kickapoo). I respect the histories, languages and cultures of these peoples, whose presence continues to enrich … Continue reading Summer Adventure : Short & Sweet

March Marched Past

If there is one thing I've learned in the last year of seemingly endless waiting is time keeps marching forward. The earth continues its move around the sun and the days pass, sometimes too slowly, others much too fast. The month of March seems to have marched right past me. That's not to say I … Continue reading March Marched Past

Gift of Time for Service

#28hike of my 52 Hike Challenge Trail/Park: Coldwater Spring, Minneapolis Pioneers and Soldier Memorial Cemetery I want to acknowledge these stewardship activities took place on the traditional territory of the Wahpekute, Anishinabewaki ᐊᓂᔑᓈᐯᐗᑭ, and Očeti Šakówiŋ (Sioux). Gift of Time If there has been one silver lining to the last few months it is that … Continue reading Gift of Time for Service

Microadventure : Stewardship Hiking

There are so many wonderful things that we can all get from being outside in nature. Taking in the fresh air, the sounds of birds and the rustle of critters on the ground, seeing rivers, waterfalls and the flow of seasons. No matter where you are right now people are getting outside more than ever … Continue reading Microadventure : Stewardship Hiking

Microadventure Series : Tiny Hike

#18hike of my 52 Hike Challenge Trail/Park: My own backyard We hikers like to talk about our adventures in terms of miles. For some the longer the better. This week's installment of the Microadventure Series takes a decidedly different approach. Outdoor retailer REI recently challenged it's customers to a Tiniest Mile campaign. I liked the … Continue reading Microadventure Series : Tiny Hike