Big Adventure : Road Trip West Pt. 1

In the fall of 2022 I embarked on, what seemed at the time, a grand adventure as well as a bit of a crazy idea. I'd head west solo, driving from Minnesota to the southwest U.S. to visit family and friends. Nearly 2,000 miles in four days. Four days of 8+ hours of driving. It's … Continue reading Big Adventure : Road Trip West Pt. 1

5 Years of Adventures : A Reflection

A Moment of Reflection It's been five years of telling my adventure stories. When I wonder where all that time went all I have to do is look back through all the photos to remember. I'm grateful to those who have found something in reading my perspectives on what adventure means to me. To think … Continue reading 5 Years of Adventures : A Reflection

Stop. Listen.

Black Lives Matter. Period. As I sat down several times in the past few days to write a post, I kept finding myself with absolutely nothing to share. How does a person begin to put into words the pain that death brings? One death ripples across communities and in rare cases across the globe. The … Continue reading Stop. Listen.

Microadventure Series : Photo Safari

One of the great things about hiking is that you get to see places that not everyone visits. This leads to the opportunity to hone your observation skills. Whether your passion is an epic sunrise, birding, foraging or finding that hidden waterfall, there is something for everyone. In the last month, I've found that my … Continue reading Microadventure Series : Photo Safari

The Dunes of Indiana : Part Two

There is something truly wonderful about sand dunes. Once you’re near them it’s hard to leave. They draw you in with their softness and lull you into slowing down. They are in a constant state of flux that seems to happen in slow motion. I’ve always found dunes enticing and the Indiana Dunes were pulling at me to explore.