Road Trippin’ : Day Four

#35 and #36 hikes of my 52 Hike Challenge Trails/Parks: Upper Sioux Agency State Park and Camden State Park I want to acknowledge these hikes took place on the traditional territory of Yankton, Yanktonai, Očeti Šakówiŋ, and Wahpekute. Trash Collected: 0.6 pounds Upper Sioux Agency State Park #35hike of my 52 Hike Challenge Located about eight … Continue reading Road Trippin’ : Day Four

Earth Day 2020

#16hike of my 52 Hike Challenge Trail/Park: West River Road Parkway and Winchell Trail, Minneapolis Trash Collected: 8 pounds This year Earth Day looks much different than I expected. It's the 50th Anniversary of the day which calls for celebration. My original plans were to host a clean-up hike with friends, including my Women Who … Continue reading Earth Day 2020

Slowing Down

I don’t know about you, but I’ve slowed down a lot lately. I’m trying to be intentional about how I move through my day. It’s self care for sure. It’s also because I feel like our world is asking us to slow down. To pull back from the rush. To refocus on what is most … Continue reading Slowing Down

I Went Camping Last Night

I did. Before you get all uppity, I did it right outside my back door. In my back yard. Women Who Hike is hosting a weekend of Stay at Home camping. I'd done an indoor camp at home a week ago, but it wasn't quite the same. This time I talked myself into setting up … Continue reading I Went Camping Last Night