A Moment of Gratitude

Gratitude for People

With the coming holiday of Thanksgiving in the U.S. I have been reflecting a lot on how I got here to this place in my life of hiking. The people and places that have shaped my experiences. There are so many. I’ve named many in previous posts or you’ve seen their faces in the photos. Some I don’t name because either the relationship is so precious or I’m not quite sure they want to be acknowledge publicly. So instead of making a big deal about them, I’ve added the gallery below. It’s further illustration that I don’t ever really hike alone because I bring their knowledge, encouragement and fellowship with me every single time I hit the trail.

Gratitude for Place

The other thing I’m grateful for this year are all the remarkable places I’ve been able to visit. It would never have crossed my mind to hike at the end of two continents, even if it was for a much too brief mile or two. I hadn’t considered I’d make a road trip to help me on my way to reaching toward my Minnesota State Park hiking goal. I wouldn’t have ever thought that I’d find being a trail angel to another hiker so very important to me or that my two successful 52 Hike Challenges would take me to the places they have. All of these things took me to some of the most beautiful and memorable places. Places that individuals and groups felt enough love for that they took the time and effort to set them aside for all of us. Public lands and easements that allow for passage on private lands. All fueled by a love of wonder for this beautiful blue marble we call home.

View of Badlands National Park looking into the canyon with the shadow of Ruth in the foreground.

And gratitude for you

Because you keep coming back to read my ramblings. I am humbled that there are people who find what I do inspiring. It’s part of the reason why I decided to put my musings out into the world. I found myself sharing stories of my adventures with unexpected people. I hope that my travels inspire you to get out into the world and explore it. Whether that’s from the base of a tent or a hotel. We have so much beauty in this world if we just stop and take a look around. I wish wonder and joy for you wherever your feet take you in the weeks ahead.

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