Gear in Review: Traction Options

Gear in Review: Traction Options Who on earth needs three different types of traction for footwear? Apparently I do. As I've gotten further into my hiking life, I've been slowly collecting gear. While I try to be methodical about what I purchase, it all adds up

Hike with Your Galentine

One of the best gifts I've ever given myself is the gift of membership in Women Who Hike (WWH). I may have started my hiking life with a fine group of Boy Scouts, but I've found that these gals are the most giving, encouraging group of fellow hikers I could ask for.

Let's Go Back to the Isle: Day Seven

I know it's early. It has to be. But there is a canoe or kayak out there in the creek with the weirdest paddle stroke. I've sat upright in my sleeping bag. As my exhaustion gives way to wakefulness, I look up and discover that's not any person piloting a watercraft in front of my shelter.