Let’s Trash Talk for a Minute

Sadly trash is everywhere, including the beautiful beach at Zipple Bay State Park, Minnesota.

This is serious business. It makes the news. Plastic washing up on beaches, choking waterways, finding its way into so many places. I’m always amazed at what finds its way into wild places. It breaks my heart. I know I’m not perfect either. A lost tube of Ultrathon on a thru hike two years ago still bothers me.

But what continues to confound me is the garbage that is within feet of a receptacle, in parking lots at trail heads and at campsites. As a Scout leader I’ve been part of police lines at every campout no matter where it occurred. The Troop I support does a couple evenings of cleanup here and there on the stretch of road where we meet. The item we find in great abundance is cigarette butts. Everywhere.

I started carrying plastic bags, but in the end, I felt that’s often just adding to the problem. So when my cohort for our Women Who Hike and I were planning one of our official hikes, we learned that the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics was partnering with groups to provide a reusable garbage bag. It was a natural fit for Earth Day so we included those for participants on our designated hike day. I love my Dueter Dirtbag. It’s been filled with some nasty stuff, it’s weighted my load. But it’s a solid piece of gear that I truly appreciate.

I haven’t tracked the weight of what I’ve picked up, but I know it’s adding to the success of the #DeuterDirtbagChallenge, it’s become my @11thessential on the trail. Now when I see someone who has potential to leave garbage on trail, I open my bag. When I visit a park or trail, I bring my bag and pick up what I can. I figure every piece of trash that makes it to the garbage or recycling helps. And in picking it up without worrying who’s looking or what they think, that I might inspire another person to at least get their trash to the garbage or recycling and, maybe, even to inspire them to clean up too.

Resources to Help Keep Our Trails Clean

Ok so maybe @wanderingpine and I are a bit passionate about keeping things clean.

Grab a bag, any bag. An empty bread bag. Your newspaper bag. Plastic or paper. Wherever you find a piece of trash, pick it up and get it into the garbage can. Every little bit helps.

Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics – Leave No Trace provides research, education and initiatives so every person who ventures outside can protect and enjoy our world responsibly.

11thessential or @11thessential on Instagram – Leave No Trace Community Partner

@thegroundskeepers on Instagram – Granite Gear Grounds Keepers, a diverse team of hikers and paddlers who leave our trails and waterways better.

Hike It Baby Trail Clean Up Hikes – ideas to help get your little ones in the habit.

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