The Dunes of Indiana : Part Two

There is something truly wonderful about sand dunes. Once you’re near them it’s hard to leave. They draw you in with their softness and lull you into slowing down. They are in a constant state of flux that seems to happen in slow motion. I’ve always found dunes enticing and the Indiana Dunes were pulling at me to explore.

The Dunes of Indiana : Part One

It's true. I'm a bit obsessed about finding new trails to hike. I try to include a hike when I travel. No matter the reason why I'm traveling. Last weekend was no exception. It was time to take my son for his first year of college in Indiana so, of course, the maps came out to find a hiking opportunity. With the addition of Indiana Dunes National Park as our 61st National Park on February 15, 2019, it seemed the perfect opportunity.

Urban Hiking: Parque Hopping

When this is the view out your hotel room window, how can you not want to explore? I want to acknowledge these hikes took place on the traditional territory of the Gününa Küne. In addition to my visit to Patagonia in June, I found myself in Santiago for a couple days of the FIEXPO tradeshow. … Continue reading Urban Hiking: Parque Hopping

Let’s Head South. Way South.

TRAIL/PARK: Torres del Paines National Park, Patagonia, Chile I want to acknowledge this hike took place on the traditional territory of the Aónikenk (Tehuelche). In early June this year I was presented with the opportunity to visit Patagonia and Santiago, Chile for work. Like any sane person I said of course! Little did I realize … Continue reading Let’s Head South. Way South.