TBT Latergram: Kicking off July 4th

#37hike of my 52 Hike Challenge

LOCATION: Hyland Lake Park Reserve

Photo Credit: @wanderingpine

When the invite came out for this meetup hike, I had to really push myself to accept. When I’m on a backpacking trip a 7:30 a.m. start is fine. I’m usually up anyway. But when I’m comfortable in my own bed? Well, I know it’s going to be a quick trip via the struggle bus. Add to that the abundant rain we’ve experienced here in Minnesota has made July a steam bath. Even in the early morning.

What pushed me to get up is the group of ladies I knew would be waiting at the trailhead. They inspire me to push a bit more, to try a bit harder. Just like I expected, my struggle was a real one. Getting out of the house later than I wanted had me arriving just as the group was heading on trail. Some of our regulars were on hand and their greetings always make me so happy. The new faces were filled with excitement.

I spent the next couple of hours on trail with the group meeting the new participants and catching up with the ladies I know well, including one of the park rangers who joined us before her shift started. Our energy was uncontainable. When @wanderingpine suggested we sing The Star Spangled Banner the group didn’t even hesitate, breaking into song almost immediately.

In the end we hiked more than five miles without realizing it. I love that this group reminds me to take care on trail and to have fun while doing it. To welcome new friends and greet long-time ones with the same gusto. There isn’t a better way to start a holiday (or any other day) than with any of these ladies.

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