Recreate Responsibly : Prepping for Minimal Contact

Packing for a longer road trip takes into consideration all the possible camping scenarios. [Image: A gear shot of the back of Ruth's car, included gear are a blue and white cooler, tan Granite Gear backpack, 5 gallon water jug, bear valult, tent and other items underneath a brightly stripped towel.] A Socially Distanced Plan … Continue reading Recreate Responsibly : Prepping for Minimal Contact

It’s Time to Road Trip!

One of my favorite things is a good road trip. The open road, my favorite playlist and snacks that make it look like a 9 year old was given $50 to spend in the convenience store. This one came with an audacious goal: hike in 14 Minnesota State Parks in just 7 days. Campsite reservations … Continue reading It’s Time to Road Trip!