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5 Years of Adventures : A Reflection


A Moment of Reflection

It’s been five years of telling my adventure stories. When I wonder where all that time went all I have to do is look back through all the photos to remember. I’m grateful to those who have found something in reading my perspectives on what adventure means to me. To think anything I have to say is worth hearing is humbling. Imposter syndrome is a thing and I’ve been feeling it lately. What more could I possibly have to share about the places I’ve traveled that someone else hasn’t already said? But I’ve also realized through recent conversations different perspectives can be really helpful.

It’s also reminded me of a conversation I had back when this blog started. One of the early followers, a friend of many campouts and hikes, asked me what I got out of hiking solo. What do I think about? The answer isn’t linear or consistent other than I think through whatever floats to my mind. Sometimes it’s as simple as paying attention to where I’m putting my feet and the sounds around me. It’s my place to problem solve and to let go. It’s my time to just be and appreciate what my body is capable of. It’s about seeing places that not everyone sees. So here I am.

Setting Myself Up for More Adventures

It’s likely you’ve noticed I’ve been posting a lot less since last fall. It wasn’t that I have stopped adventuring. In the past few years I realized there were things which needed to change for me to be able to spend more time traveling and hiking. These past months have been focused on getting my life set up to be able to have fewer responsibilities in managing a home, while still having a home base. Focused on simplifying my life and shedding parts that no longer serve me. I threw my life into chaos knowing it wouldn’t last. And now I’m coming out the other side ready to get back to getting outside, traveling and sharing my adventures.

That’s not to say having the freedom is easy either. The possibilities are seemingly endless which is a bit overwhelming. I’m starting close to home soaking in the wetland area surrounding my new home. The eastern part of the Twin Cities is slowly growing on me. I always appreciated the parks of Minneapolis, my proximity to the Mississippi River and Fort Snelling State Park.

Now I’m learning a new relationship to water, one of quiet lakes filled with waterfowl and more muskrats than I’ve ever seen. I’m challenging myself to stay east of the Mississippi to discover what’s on the “other” side, now “my side” of that big old river.

Moving brings both excitement and a sense of loss. Nothing is familiar or routine. It’s learning everyday tasks with a new lens. New places to explore with an open mind and heart. I’m choosing to embrace the new with the mindset of possibility. The doors are open in front of me.

Kindness to Myself

The past few months have felt like my hiking life is starting all over. When you take a break from any physical activity your body adapts to the softer demands. Thinking it’s going to be possible to pick up where you left off it straight up silly. Of all the things I’m doing, treating myself with kindness is the most important one.

As I’ve started hiking again I know it will take time to get my endurance up. It will require build up to longer hikes and cross training by getting back on my bike, treating myself with yoga. And kindnesses for the way the passing years have changed both body and mind. These acts of generosity are a gift to the today me to be ready for tomorrow and as many that come after.

As always I appreciate you for stopping by to read and comments are always welcome. Have a question? Please ask. Want to know more about a place I’ve visited or gear I use? Leave a comment. And in the meantime, like I say to my work colleagues, “Keep being your awesome selves and take care of each other.” Also take care of Mother Earth. She needs our love more than ever.

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