Holiday Hike : Ugliest Sweaters & Beautiful Trails

#60hike of my 52 Hike Challenge Trail/Park: Theodore Wirth Regional Park, MN I am the luckiest lady. Really I am. Every time I get to hike with the ladies of the Minnesota chapter of Women Who Hike I'm reminded of all I've learned from other hikers. Having the trust and support of this growing group … Continue reading Holiday Hike : Ugliest Sweaters & Beautiful Trails

The Dunes of Indiana : Part Two

There is something truly wonderful about sand dunes. Once you’re near them it’s hard to leave. They draw you in with their softness and lull you into slowing down. They are in a constant state of flux that seems to happen in slow motion. I’ve always found dunes enticing and the Indiana Dunes were pulling at me to explore.