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2019 52 Hike Challenge


The Challenge

To complete a hike each week for one year. It can be a calendar year or one year from the time you start. The point is to hike weekly. More often if you choose. You determine the rules, though the suggested distance is a minimum of one mile. There are many ways to participate. Find out more by visiting the 52 Hike Challenge website.

My Guidelines

– Hikes must be on dirt whenever possible.
– The minimum distance must be a mile.
– I can hike solo or with friends.
– I will carry my backpack with my hiking basics (the 10 Essentials)
– I will share my trip plan (where I’m going, the trial I plan to hike, how long I expect to be gone)

2019 Hike List

#1 Fort Snelling State Park, MN
#2 Highland Lake Park Reserve, MN
#3 Saint Croix State Park, MN
#4 Fort Snelling State Park, MN
#5 Minnesota Valley Wildlife Refuge, MN
#6 Fred C. Anderson Scout Camp, MN
#7 Coon Rapids Dam Regional Park, MN
#8 Signal Hill Trail, Table Mountain, South Africa
#9 Guided Bush Walk, Kruger National Park, South Africa
#10 Fort Snelling State Park, MN
#11 Fort Snelling State Park, MN
#12 Theodore Wirth Park, MN
#13 West River Parkway and Central Mississippi Riverfront Park, MN
#14 Lake Maria State Park, MN
#15 Lake Bde Maka Ska and Lake of the Isles, MN
#16 Catalina Island Golf Course Trail and Wrigley Botanical Gardens, CA
#17 Maplewood State Park, MN
#18 Theodore Wirth Park, MN
#19 Lebanon Hills Regional Park, MN
#20 Grey Lake Trail, Torres del Paine National Park, Chile
#21 Parque Metropolitano de Santiago, Chile
#22 Superior National Forest – Lookout Mountain Trail, MN
#23 Bearhead Lake State Park, MN
#24 Lake Vermillion – Soudan Mine State Park, MN
#25 McCarthy Beach State Park, MN
#26 Scenic State Park, MN
#27 Big Bog State Park, MN
#28 Franz Jevne State Park, MN
#29 Zipple Bay State Park, MN
#30 Hayes Lake State Park, MN
#31 Lake Bronson State Park, MN
#32 Old Mill State Park, MN
#33 Red River State Recreation Area, MN
#34 Itasca State Park, MN
#35 Lake Bemidji State Park, MN
#36 Schoolcraft State Park, MN
#37 Hyland – Bush – Anderson Lakes Park, MN
#38 Frontenac State Park, MN
#39 Afton State Park, MN
#40 Indiana Dunes State Park, Chesterton, IN
#41 Glendalough State Park, MN
#42 Battle Creek Regional Park, Mendota, MN
#43 Superior Hiking Trail, Pincushion Mountain to County Road 6, MN
#44 Grand Portage State Park, MN
#45 Cascade State Park, MN
#46 Superior Hiking Trail, Caribou River Spur Trail, MN
#47 Minnehaha Regional Park, Minneapolis, MN
#48 Cold Water Spring Trail, Mississippi National River and Recreation Area and Pike Island Trail, Fort Snelling State Park, MN
#49 Woodland Edge and Wetland Trails, William O’Brien State Park, MN
#50 Prairie Loop Trail, Afton State Park, MN
#51 South River Trail, Afton State Park, MN
#52 Frontenac State Park, MN
GOAL ACCOMPLISHED! … But I’m going to just keep hiking …
#53 Rice Lake State Park, MN
#54 Dodge Nature Center, West St. Paul, MN
#55 This one is personal and I’ll keep it to myself.
#56 Empire Lake Trail, Whitetail Woods Regional Park, Farmington, MN
#57 Lawrence Unit, Minnesota Valley SRA
#58 Pike Island, Fort Snelling State Park, MN
#59 Crow-Hassan Park Reserve, MN
#60 Theodore Wirth Regional Park, MN
#61 White River State Park, IN
#62 Vadnais-Snail Lake Trail, MN

2020 Challenge Goal

For 2020 I’ve signed up for the Adventure Series of the 52 Hike Challenge. Follow my adventures starting January 1, 2020!

5 Waterfalls (even if they are dry)
1 Forest (if not possible, go to National Park/Site)
1 National Parks, Monuments, Preserves, Recreation Area or Historic Trail
2 Hikes with bodies of water: Lakes, Rivers, or Ocean 
1 Stewardship hike (Trail Maintenance, pick up trash, restoration project, etc.)
1 Group hike (if you are regular to one group, visit a new group to meet new people)
1 Hike where you Introduce someone to hiking 
1 Sunset or Sunrise hike
1 Hike from your Bucket list (somewhere you have always wanted to go)
Reflection hikes (journal at the beginning, middle, and towards the end of your challenge)

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