One. More. Hike. In 2019

I guess I wasn't done hiking in 2019 after all. Here is a look at my final hike of the year on the blog.

Hiking Wherever I Am: White River State Park, IN

#61hike of my 52 Hike Challenge Trail/Park: White River State Park, IN I written about hiking when I’m traveling and been able to see some pretty beautiful places. It’s become a habit that is now just part of my planning and this last weekend was no different. I’ve now got family in Indiana and was … Continue reading Hiking Wherever I Am: White River State Park, IN

Holiday Hike : Ugliest Sweaters & Beautiful Trails

Holiday Hike: Ugliest Sweaters & Beautiful Trails Every time I get to hike with the ladies of the Minnesota chapter of Women Who Hike I'm reminded of all I've learned from other hikers. Having the trust and support of this growing group of hiking women is a blessing in my life.